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How to Troubleshoot Garbage Disposal Issues

Garbage disposals are handy kitchen appliances, and they get used repeatedly throughout the day. With that kind of constant use, problems are bound to happen. Your disposal can jam, get clogged, or not turn on at all. Here is a quick look at how to t

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Radiant Heating: It’s Comfy and Efficient

On chilly days, the shock of warm feet hitting the cold floor is enough to make you stay in bed. That’s why homeowners love radiant heating systems, an under-floor heating method that has become very popular in the San Diego area. But radiant heati

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Now Is the Time to Check Your Home’s Foundation

Your home’s foundation—the name says it all. Your biggest asset is being held up by a mass of concrete installed when your home was built. What condition is it in? Now is a good time to check for cracks and consider professional repair. Not sure

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Don’t Let Heavy Rainfall Cost You Big in Repairs

San Diego is famous for gorgeous weather year round. But residents know to expect the occasional heavy rain. That’s when local runners complain that the squishy feel from wet shoes is enough to derail routine runs. But for real aggravation, homeown

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5 Tips to Cut Down Home Heating Bills This Winter

Winter heating bills can be stunners. It couldn’t really cost that much just to stay warm, could it? Yup, it sure could. The bad news is that if you’re like the average homeowner, you use up about half your annual expenditure for energy to keep y

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Emory Heating & Plumbing Warns of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

As long as you live in San Diego, it still comes as a surprise when temperatures get down into the 50s during the winter. But it’s getting that time of year again. And colder weather means it’s time to turn on the furnace. But is your furnace rea

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New Water Heater Doesn’t Have to Burn Budget

Suddenly dealing with a cold shower in the morning? It’s a less than subtle hint you probably need a new water heater. The bad news is that a new water heater is a major investment. And the good news is you can reduce the cost by doing your researc

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Fix Drain Problems Before They Turn Into Water Damage Problems

Homeowners Can Prevent or Minimize Water Damage If They Know What to Look For Every day, there are gallons and gallons of water that move through homes, through sinks, showers, and toilets—even through sprinkler systems and garden hoses. With so mu

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Emory’s Summer BBQ & Plumbing Tips

Summer and socializing go together. Having friends and family over for a BBQ is a tradition, one that makes for happy memories. But those extra people can put extra demands on your plumbing, as well as your grill. When you have a crowd, it’s the wo

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Increase Home Value by Going Green

Green is the natural color of choice for those concerned about the environment. Green is also the color of money. In fact, you can save money as you save the environment, when investing in environmentally friendly home improvements. It’s true that

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