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Fix Drain Problems Before They Turn Into Water Damage Problems

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Fix Drain Problems Before They Turn Into Water Damage Problems

Homeowners Can Prevent or Minimize Water Damage If They Know What to Look For

Every day, there are gallons and gallons of water that move through homes, through sinks, showers, and toilets—even through sprinkler systems and garden hoses.

With so much water, there is a large amount of piping moving that water in and out. It’s very easy for just one tiny leak to cause a large amount of water damage. Water could be pooling underneath a home or in the walls without any significant signs before it’s too late and flooding and extensive damage occur.

Additionally, drainage and sewage systems can back up and cause extensive damage to a home. One vital way to prevent plumbing leaks and backups is to be aware of the changes that occur prior.

Changes That Can Indicate a Plumbing Leak

The following are the subtle but noticeable changes that can occur when you’re experiencing a plumbing leak. It can sometimes be hard to see any differences as leaks and the resulting accumulation and seepage can go on undetected for weeks, months, or even years.

  • The water bill is increasing, but usage has not significantly increased.
  • Rust stains are found.
  • Moisture on walls is discovered.

Any of these changes most likely means that a plumbing leak is in progress. Calling a reputable plumbing like Emory Plumbing can help prevent water damage from becoming more serious.

Types of Water Damage

Typically, with leaks and flooding, there are three kinds of water damage: clean, gray, and black, with gray and black having more contaminants and require extra protection and care.

Clean water damage is usually caused by a pipe leaking or bursting, a roof leaking in rain water, or if an appliance breaks down. The water itself is not teeming with microbes or bacteria. What turns clean water damage into something more toxic is the affected area was improperly cleaned and dried. If the water has been standing for longer than a day, then damage to carpeting or other kinds of flooring, as well as furniture and drywall damage can easily occur.

Gray water damage has some contamination. This can occur if water damage hasn’t been successfully and immediately dealt with. Gray water damage also stems from its source, such as an overflowing toilet or washing machine.

Black water damage occurs when water is in contact with hazardous materials such as bacterial diseases, chemicals, microbes, pesticides, sewage, and other kinds of potentially harmful materials. Having drain and backup issues can cause black water damage, but can be prevented with professional plumbing services from Emory Plumbing.

Preventing Drain Problems

An even worse scenario is having raw sewage back up into a residence, which can cost thousands of dollars to clean up, even with insurance coverage. What’s the better choice all around is to ensure that this never happens with the following tips:

  • Make sure that the home is connected to the local sewer system.
  • If the building is either below street level or downhill, have plumbing professionals install a backflow prevention system that connects to the building’s sewer system.
  • Trees should be planted away from drain lines.
  • Grease should never be poured down the drain.

Water damage can be an expensive result of preventable issues such as leaks and drain problems. Hiring an experienced plumbing company can save both time and money, solving small problems before they become larger ones.

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