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Now Is the Time to Check Your Home’s Foundation

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Now Is the Time to Check Your Home’s Foundation

Your home’s foundation—the name says it all. Your biggest asset is being held up by a mass of concrete installed when your home was built.

What condition is it in? Now is a good time to check for cracks and consider professional repair.

Not sure what to look for? Here is an overview of how to tell you might have a problem, the types of cracks, and a look at how they are repaired.

When To Worry? 

As a homeowner, you might notice some slight unevenness, which is normal and nothing to worry about. It means your home is settling. There is no danger.

But you should take action is if:

  • Over time, a door won’t close or the lock won’t catch.
  • A window starts sticking and won’t close.
  • You see cracks in the wall. They usually appear near doors, windows, and at the corner where the wall and ceiling connect.
  • Cracks appear in vinyl or ceramic tile, installed on a concrete floor.

It is a good idea to do an annual visual check around your home’s exterior and down in the basement. Look for cracks, shifting and signs of water damage.

Standard Cracks

If your foundation has a basic crack, you want to get it fixed quickly before it gets worse. It can easily cause water damage that affects your furnishings, walls, floors and ceilings. Left untended, a standard crack can lead to major structural problems that put the safety of your home at risk. It’s also a big expense.

The good news is that current repair methods are light years ahead of the old “V it out and fill it” approach used for decades. This method used a chisel to wide the crack, followed by application of hydraulic cement.

Now contractors prefer foundation crack injection, which is both cheaper and quicker than the older method. Using either epoxy injection or urethane–sometimes polyurethane–injection, the crack is sealed on the inside. A pressurized injection of resin is applied directly into the crack. The material used in the repair fills the crack entirely through the foundation. In effect, the crack disappears.

This process causes much less mess and disruption because all the repair work is handled inside. You don’t have to worry about ruined landscaping. The work can be done even on cracks that are actively leaking. The material cures rapidly and the work can be done whatever the temperature. 

Wide Cracks and Structural Foundation Cracks 

Any crack that is 3mm or wider at any point is categorized as wide. If you find this type of crack, your foundation will need stabilization. You need to work with a professional experienced with crack injection. 

Certain types of cracks in poured concrete foundations need special handling. This type of structural crack requires the expertise of a professional familiar with epoxy concrete crack repair. 

Trust Your Foundation to Experts 

The team here at Emory Plumbing has been helping homeowners just like you since 1944. We are experienced with all aspects of foundation repair, a natural outgrowth of our long-term plumbing and damage restoration services.

We know your home is most likely your biggest investment. We’re committed to helping you keep it safe and comfortable. Emory Plumbing handles a range of installation, maintenance and repair work, including plumbing, heating, air conditioning, ventilation and damage restoration from fire, flood and mold.

People in the San Diego area rely on Emory and recommend us to neighbors. They know:

  • Emory treats each customer with respect throughout the repair process.
  • We take a green approach to home repair work.
  • Our prices are competitive.
  • We are family-owned and operated.
  • All technicians on staff are vetted and thoroughly qualified.
  • We guarantee all our work.
  • No job is too big or too small for the team at Emory.

Call Emory Plumbing today for a free, no-obligation quote for foundation crack repair.

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