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Radiant Heating: It’s Comfy and Efficient

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Radiant Heating: It’s Comfy and Efficient

On chilly days, the shock of warm feet hitting the cold floor is enough to make you stay in bed. That’s why homeowners love radiant heating systems, an under-floor heating method that has become very popular in the San Diego area.

But radiant heating does more than warm your tootsies. It is one of the most energy efficient of all heating distribution systems available, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. It is flexible and adaptable, able to be powered by solar, gas, oil, wood or electric.

The hot water coils that make up the radiant system transfer heat into your room using convection and infrared radiation. 

Uniform Heat Distribution 

With forced air heating systems and baseboard heating, forced-air distributes the warmth. But a percentage routinely gets lost in the air ducts needed for distribution.

That’s not an issue with under-floor radiant heating. The heat moves effortless and directly to the floor above the coils that make up the system.

Radiant systems are also more efficient than point heating systems like radiators. These heat rooms from the top down, using a wasteful process that directs warm air to the ceiling. From there it moves downward to heat the room. In the process it also produces drafts and distributes allergens and dust particles.

Compare that to a radiant system, which sends heat directly to the floor and room above. According to the Residential Energy Services Network, it distributes heat 15 percent more efficiently than radiator-type systems. 

Good Choice for Allergy Sufferers 

Are allergies and asthma issues at your house? Forced air heating systems can make them worse. The ducts that carry the warmed air collect dust, mold, pollens and allergens. When you crank up the heat in the fall, the furnace sends warmed air through the vents, which spreads these particles throughout the house.

Do you have trouble with scratchy throats and inflamed sinuses once you turn on the heat? It could be the forced air distribution system. This can dry out the air so much, your mucous membranes become irritated.

Since radiant heat systems don’t use forced air, they can reduce allergic reactions and asthma problems. Allergens and mold aren’t blown into the rooms of your home, eliminating a source of trouble. 

My Emory, Experts with Radiant Heating 

The team at Emory Plumbing is expert in all aspects of radiant heating in the San Diego area. They report that they get many requests for several types of radiant heating work.

At Emory Plumbing, we have been helping residents of the local community since 1944. We’re proud of our reputation for quality workmanship, competitive prices and excellent customer service. Our technicians are certified radiant heating experts, fully trained to install and repair your system.

Call Emory Plumbing today to find out more about radiant heating systems for your home.


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